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Sky Canvas EP

by Sky Canvas

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Lagging steps Softened breath in wisps Glacial colossus Light as a feather is Mind on the mission Inner vision you’re living Task at hand White glistening powder keeps you hidden I see arctic stars glimmer above changing places Signalling the way she’ll go, mind is racing Leaving in the morning don’t hold it heavy And right in the midst As this ground collapses Set sail and take flight Feeling weightless and out of sight So out of sight Into the night What’s riding is pivotal Ascent to the pinnacle So invisible These times are unpredictable It’s war to make divides Us and them polarised She cried out for her peace of mind Shouldn't stay inside tonight Don't hold it too tight to your chest Please don't hold it too tight
Carried Away 04:41
Lost for words with you It’s all so new, but I try to verbalise As sunlight’s streaming through this little room Think it’s time to open eyes Still in dreams my mind is heading to move and take But it hesitates ‘Cause maybe we’re just getting carried away Too caught up in the ride Then without a sound Vibrant colours ricochet around Bright and blinding, we’re swept off the ground So surrounded Cast aside the rest We’re rising to the crest In time there might be nothing left, for now.. This ain’t easy to undo I'm tied into your tapestry Weaving as you please It’s falling into loops The threads we pull with graceful ease Hard to believe So we break through the limits, take in the visuals It’s inexplicable But now I’m wondering if maybe we’re just getting carried away And this will all just be a memory some day Where the road leads isn’t clear Not lucid as these tears Ever-changing like the weather But I know nothing’s fixed in place That's when life illuminates All the pieces fall together
These lines of sight inspire Shedding of layers Your hands around mine, show me All the ways that I can see you Coming alive You’re tracing my outline And your vibrations ring All the way home So loud, echoes as we’re stepping Through every little crevice Crawling with impulse 
 In these seconds Outside raindrops dance Dampening lights dim Nocturne rays curve around the corners This embrace is circulating through my veins Feel this hypnotic pulse Into moonlit warmth we fall Brimming with sedating dusk In these seconds we are on the cusp
Afterthought 05:18
Hold this frame for a little while longer Cause these images come and go Swirling like scarlet leaves in a flurry Our jaded eyes move to and fro But with the seasons things grew cold Our axis tilted out of balance And did you see the falling snow? From a distance coming at us So now I’ll pull apart what’s next to me And reconstruct the flame you are Hold it up against the sun A work of art seen from afar Now you’re standing there gazing Clouded in an afterthought For just a moment you were chasing After what it was you thought you were And the ashes seem to float Suspended and aglow Turning to my side Finding bearings for this climb Losing count of all the days I’m peering through the morning haze Was there something more to say? Suppose it’s time to let it fade These rolling waves allude to The moments that we'll never lose Slipping in and out of thoughts
Concentric 06:01
One and one finds two Sweet expansion of our worlds Rediscover what’s been under this ground And watch it all unfurl Air making circles Permeating this lull in the day Feel your presence in these waves Come round, round again Briefly lost, swiftly found ends Come round, round again Dizzy eyes, trying to see ahead So this love will never rest Linking arms we feel the breath We're caressed by the twirling rain Painted in a different frame Flares are burning, when you’re far From your safe place, from your control Spiralling infinities Now you’re testing the fall Intimacy in the ties Between the lines of yours and mine


released October 13, 2017

Katelin Little - Lead Vocals
Sam Nakamura - Guitar/Vocals
Luther Hunt - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Tyaan Singh - Bass/Saxophone
Fraser Walker - Keyboards/Synths

Engineered and mixed by Lee Prebble at Surgery Studios
Mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios


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Sky Canvas Wellington, New Zealand

Prismatic.Altsoul.ProgHiphop 5-piece. Their sound is a dynamic blend of stirring, charged vocals with colourful synth/guitar textures and fiery, dancing grooves, bringing a radiant and hard-hitting dynamism to their live shows.

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